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Piano sonata no. 21 in b-flat major, d. 960: i. molto moderato

A South American man calls you and offers you a discount or informs you that the price of KW of your bill has shot up, when I answer that I know very well the price of what I pay, he hangs up. The second call he calls me and I ask him what company he is calling me from and he hangs up. A scam of care.

Javier, I also believe that the Robinson list is worth little, more than anything else, to give wings to these M.M. (bad death) companies to call me. (bad death) to call more. What I ask myself is, with the huge list of blocked phones I have, who do I denounce, the whole country, who is behind all these numbers?

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Schubert – impromptus, wanderer fantasy, d.960 +

That’s why I encourage everyone to do what he wants in many things, I do not know, throw the garbage at the time you want, break a trash can if you’re pissed off because you’ve been fired from work and you’re angry, it is clear that all of the above should not be done, but neither should you do this that you call 50 times and nobody does anything, even from the rulers themselves instead of fighting that they squat your house what they do is the other way around, laws that support that, therefore, since it is allowed that they call you 50 times and it is allowed that they squat your house, what judicial or police authority with what moral authority will call your attention or sanction you for throwing garbage at any time or kicking a garbage container.

Deweni inima | episode 960 11th december 2020

Telephone scams are almost as old as telephony itself. Any means of communication is an open door for scammers to abuse the reckless innocence of others, and proof of this are the numerous occasions on which we have warned of this type of scams.

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Scammers use these types of phones to avoid being traced and the mode of operation is almost always the same. In some cases they opt for missed calls to make the charge when the victim of the scam calls back, and in others, they pass a locution in which, as a general rule, they tell us that we have won something to keep us connected and charge us the fee.

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The First Arbitration Court of Appeal, as presided over by Judge Belyshkova M.B., Judges Kirillova M.N., Gushchina A.M., with Zuzlev P.A., the secretary of the court session, keeping the record of the proceedings, (OGRN 1022100973850, INN 2127009512, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary) on the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Chuvash Republic – Chuvashia from 28.01.2013 on case N A79-11582/2012, accepted by Judge Afanasiev A. A. on the statement of the JSC «Operational and technical communications center» to recognize illegal and abolish the decision of the regional branch of the Federal Financial Markets Service in the Volga Federal District from 28.08.2012 N 32-12-260/n and bringing to administrative responsibility.

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The Regional office of the Federal Financial Markets Service in the Volga Federal District in a petition dated 07.03.2013 N МГ-04/782 (registration number 01АП-960/13 dated 11.03.2013) requests to consider the complaint in the absence of its representative.

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