Opinion dacia sandero stepway

Opinion dacia sandero stepway

Opinion dacia sandero stepway 2021

dacia sandero stepway 2021 uk

We start with the first of the virtues of the Dacia Sandero Stepway 2021. This generation debuts the CMF-B platform, the same used by the Renault Clio, Renault Captur or Nissan Juke. An architecture that allows you to take advantage of all the technology it offers and is also much lighter and advanced. Thus, the Sandero Stepway has improved its tuning and its provision of driving aids and safety equipment.

We end the chapter of virtues of Dacia Sandero Stepway 2021 with its range of engines, which this time will not have diesel versions … although they account for 13% of sales. Thus, the range will consist of three one-liter three-cylinder: a 65 hp naturally aspirated gasoline, a turbocharged gasoline with an output of 90 hp and a gasoline and LPG bifuel that will have 100 hp. Depending on the version, they can be combined with a 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox or a CVT automatic.

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In the chapter of notable shortcomings in the third generation of Dacia Sandero Stepway we find something intrinsically linked to the mechanics of which we spoke a moment ago: it will only be available with front-wheel drive although the ground clearance will be 17.4 centimeters.

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Something similar could be thought of the Sandero, born in 2008 and that, today we are already testing its third generation. To be exact, we are driving the Dacia Sandero Stepway 2021, a model that has a curious story behind.

After all, in 2009, the Stepway finish was born as a special series, which ended up making a niche in the range … to get to accumulate 75% of sales of the Sandero range, in the current market. Something logical, taking into account the taste of drivers for models of SUV type or appearance.

We want to dwell on this aspect, since Dacia offers as an option (quite affordable, by the way), some roof bars that it calls modular. What do they consist of? Basically, in a device that, with a simple Allen key that goes in the glove box, allows you to convert these longitudinal bars in transverse, resulting in a few minutes to a real roof rack, which can hold up to 80 kilos.

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From the outside, the car looks much wider, thanks to elements such as the new grille or Full LED headlights that premiere the new visual signature of the brand, in the form of ‘Y’. However, taking a look at the data sheet, we discover that this growth is not just a visual effect.

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As for the choice of the Stepway for our test unit has not been casual. The cars with country look are fashionable and this is endorsed by the fact that in our country is sold more than the «conventional». At the same engine/equipment combination we are talking about only 1,400 euros more, an assumable difference despite the Dacia Sandero is a car that clearly stands out for its price content.

A black plastic moldings or decorative gray parts in both bumpers are joined in the suit of this Dacia Sandero Stepway roof bars very practical (support 80 kg of mass) and high suspensions, specifically 4 cm, to better circumvent the paths on the roads little complicated.

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Regarding the materials, it should be noted that there is a qualitative leap compared to its predecessor, but hard plastics still prevail. There are few buttons around you presented in an orderly manner and I like the USB placed to the right of the instrument panel, ideal for those drivers who place there the mobile (or purchase the support offered by the brand). Some controls will ring a bell from other Renaults like the steering wheel and that heritage of placing the sound buttons behind it, which subtracts some functionality.

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