Canciones para historias de instagram indirectas

Canciones para historias de instagram indirectas

Canciones con indirectas para tu crush 2021

Mejor párrafo: «Tal vez podríamos hacer que esto funcione / Pero sólo tuve que irme antes de que fuera a peor / No sé por qué viniste aquí / Es casi que me hubiera gustado no habernos conocido»

Mejor párrafo: «¿Cuántas veces tengo que decir / Que te alejes, que te vayas? / Llévate tu mierda a la humilde morada de otra» «¿Cuántas veces tengo que decirlo / Para escaparme, ¿me voy? / Llévate tu mierda a la humilde morada de otra muchacha».

Songs with hints for your ex

A few months ago, rumors were flying with their hints on social networks. For example, that photo that Rosalía posted in her ‘stories’: she shared a publication of Rauw in which, in addition, she commented: «Q bonito ese hoodie», referring to the artist’s sweatshirt. Would she have given it to him as a gift?

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A few months ago, a photo posted by Rosalía attracted attention. In it, the singer appears sitting on some stairs, wearing an authentic’ (we need that bag in our life) and a bouquet of flowers in hand, under the copy »Thanks for the flowers bb». Guess who replied to the thank you? Indeed! Rauw Alejandro.

Songs with indirectas reggaetón

Much has been said and joked about the love triangle involving the PSG player and the paisa reggaetonero. It is about the social media tiradera of Neymar and Maluma. This gossip has been going around for a week, but the truth is that this is a drama that has been going on for months. To keep you updated on the situation, here is a timeline for you to draw your own conclusions about this story of love and friendship.

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However, neither slow nor lazy, the reguetonero was preparing a surprise: a new album. So, the day after closing his social networks, Maluma reopens them and makes a live broadcast from his Instagram account in which he got drunk with his friends and presented his new album: Papi Juancho. So, since Friday of last week we are already singing and dancing to his new songs, which have been a resounding success thanks, in part, to all the drama of the love triangle, of which we considered him the loser.

To finish this story, this Sunday Bayern won the Champions League final. Thus, PSG, Neymar’s team, walked off the field in second place. There have been endless jokes about who is the real loser in this love story and about Bayern players avenging Maluma. In any case, this celebrity love triangle has left us with a whole album of songs to dance to.

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