West highland white terrier adopcion

West highland white terrier adopcion

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The character of the westie is brave, active, independent, fearless and with a high self-esteem. It is also a very affectionate, friendly and lively animal. He is always very cheerful and alert, with a mischievous look.

Endowed with an extraordinary self-confidence, an unshakable courage and a will that often borders on stubbornness, the West Highland white terrier can relate well with any type of dog as long as there are no problems of rivalry for hierarchy or trying to dominate him.

But we must never forget that the first criterion for the selection of the breed was its great aptitudes and good hunting conditions, so it is possible that in some occasion it will try to dominate or hunt them, even if it is just for fun.

If he feels lonely or abandoned, some alterations in his temperament may occur, such as, for example, his fondness for barking, his desire to make holes in the garden or even his destructive instinct that leads him to break everything that is put in front of him.

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Also known as West Highland White Terrier or Westie, this dog breed has a calm, shy and tender appearance. But, as a good terrier, it is an energetic and feisty dog. In addition to the beautiful white color of its coat, this dog is characterized by its incredible personality, which is why it has come to be qualified as one of the best pets.

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The West Highland White Terrier, or white terrier as it has also been called, has its origins in Scotland, specifically in the western highlands of the country. In fact, the name «west highland white terrier» translates as west highland white terrier, which makes its origin clear.

A detail of this terrier that is curiously valued is its tail: it is thin, but it is covered by an abundant and somewhat thick fur that makes it look a little thicker. It has a length of 12 to 15 centimeters, remaining always straight and pointing upwards.

The undercoat, ideal for protection from cold temperatures, is dense, smooth and soft. While the outer coat, rougher, thicker and abundant, makes it worthy of regular visits to the groomer to avoid knots and excessive hair loss.

west highland white terrier price

West Highland Terrier puppies, available both males and females, adult weight is around two kilos. Sold after 60 days from birth with a health booklet, deworming, ENCI pedigree, vaccinations, microchip and feeding.

West Highland White Terrier puppies very nice puppies of very good quality for more information send an email and you will be sent pictures and information immediately very short and compact white puppies.

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We are pleased to announce that we have a beautiful litter of West Highland Terriers, they have been wormed regularly and have seen our vet for a health check and a first vaccination, as well as a microchip, we have mom and dad, and these babies are for pet homes They are computer registered, with 4 weeks free insurance to get you started, the puppies are now just over 10 weeks old and received their first vaccination, by l

We have a wonderful litter of West Highland puppies , male and female ready for an adorable family , they are vaccinated and dewormed are healthy and are 3 months old , very playful and cuddly .

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If you want to have one of these active dogs, you don’t need to be an extreme sportsman, it is only important that you have fun playing and taking your furry friend for a walk. Also, if you want to keep the pure white coat, you need to have time to invest in their care.

Under no circumstances should you buy a westy without pedigree from a supposed breeder for a lower price. These, in general, do not follow the breed standard and do not take care of the necessary health care. After all, the preventive examinations performed by serious breeders before breeding are very expensive, but absolutely necessary to maintain the health of the breed. Also, with animal multipliers, the parents are often not in good condition and the females often don’t have time to recover between litters. Also stay away from private sellers who just want to experience what it is like to have a westy puppy. Breeding involves a lot of responsibility and knowledge about genetics, health and the standard of the west highland white terrier, it is not something that should be done spontaneously.

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