Kymco agility city 125 euro 4

Kymco agility city 125 euro 4

nueva kymco agility city 125 2016 euro 4

¡Aquí está la versión MAXI SCOOTER de las líneas de TURBOKIT para MAXI SCOOTER KYMCO AGILITY 125 de 2016 en EURO 4, esta línea es más asequible que el modelo OVALE H2 porque no tiene fibra de carbono en la punta y tiene un diseño más simplista!

Esta línea es sin embargo igual de potente, es una línea completamente de acero inoxidable (que no se oxida) para no requerir mantenimiento y para ofrecer un peso más ligero, ¡su silenciador es de aluminio y acero inoxidable! Esta línea viene con un DB KILLER, es una pequeña pieza que camufla el ruido y hace que la línea sea más silenciosa. ¡Cuando quieras más sensación y más ruido, sólo tienes que quitar el DB KILLER que se sujeta con un circlip!

Hay que tener en cuenta que TK alias TURBO KIT SL es un fabricante de escapes español desde 1966. ¡Aunque no está muy extendido en Francia, Bélgica y Luxemburgo debido al precio relativamente alto de los productos, es una marca muy conocida, todos los productos son probados en un banco de pruebas para el máximo rendimiento, los materiales utilizados son europeos y la técnica de fabricación también, lo que hace que el equipo fiable!

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we test the new kymco agility 125 euro 4 –

With the arrival of the new Euro 4 regulations in January 2017, many brands will have to make more or less serious modifications to their models. So that the new models can be properly homologated. This will mean the disappearance of some models, as we already saw with the Kawasaki W800, but it also means the renewal of many other models, such as the Ducati 959 Panigale or the complete renewal of the Classic range of Triumph Motorcycles, which has had to incorporate a new water-cooled mechanics, eliminating the traditional air-cooled.

kymco agility city 125 2020

Kymco has decided to update technologically and update with a spectacular restyling to its simple and resultant Agility City, a change of such magnitude that we can practically say that it is a new scooter.

It has also been provided with a greater load capacity under the seat -75% higher, 28.5 l- thanks to a 14″ rear tire instead of the current 16. Even so it does not fit a full-face helmet but, to solve it, as standard it comes equipped with a Shad rear luggage rack -with a different key-. The extra space under the seat has also been achieved by moving the fuel tank from the rear to under the platform -with entry through the counter-shield-.

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This improves mass centering and has allowed an increase in capacity of 16.6 %, up to 7 liters. The new weight distribution is now 40 % front and 60 % rear, instead of the 38 % and 62 % of the previous Agility City.

Another change has occurred in the ergonomics, with a more padded seat located higher (820 mm), which allows to sit with the knees at 90 ° -now were bent-. But it is also easy to stand upright, as the seat arch is more rounded. Another good detail is the retractable footrests for the passenger, with better support.

kymco agility city

Something extraordinary, like reducing emissions and fuel consumption at top speed without affecting power, becomes routine with Agility City’s sophisticated fuel injection system.

When you need fast, efficient response, you can be sure that the CBS combined braking system will deliver. This vigorous system consists of a superb 3-piston front brake caliper, connected to the rear brake disc by a hydraulic circuit with all metal hoses that ensure maximum pressure and resistance to fatigue. This set regulates, by means of a central distributor, the braking pressure to each wheel, and manages to drastically reduce the braking distance.

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The intelligent combination of its HS1 35/35 W halogen optics and its LED position lights makes the road safer for the driver and the scooter more visible to other drivers, even at long distances.

Its wide seat, made with new two-tone fabrics, gives it a more modern and sophisticated look. In addition, it houses a large capacity chest that comfortably fits a jet helmet and everything you need.

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