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la que se avecina directo

The channel will not be purely political as it will have content such as sports, reality shows or contests. Thus, there will be a sports program called ‘CÁLLLATE QUE ESTÁ JUGANDO EL MADRID’ from which the matches will be broadcasted while the other teams are constantly insulted and shouted very loudly.

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Among the reality shows, ‘Los hombres de Paco’ stands out above all others, a reality show that will tell the daily life of a group of VOX militants who constantly watch over the Valley of the Fallen so that no one takes Franco’s remains. Finally, the channel’s star contest will be ‘Facha, a bailar’, in which VOX members will compete to see who can perform the best military marches.

direct la que se avecina 24h

‘La que se avecina’ will settle in the slot that belonged until now to the access prime time of ‘GH VIP: límite 48 horas’, which, as confirmed by Jordi González last night, will be broadcasted on Wednesday night. As every week, the gala hosted by Carlos Sobera, replacing Jorge Javier Vázquez, will start on Telecinco at 22:00 and will continue on Cuatro after 22:45.

As expected, Antena 3 has not remained with its arms crossed before the exchange that Telecinco has made between ‘La que se avecina’ and ‘GH VIP: límite 24 horas’. The Atresmedia network has opted to remove ‘La voz kids’ from Wednesday night to protect the talent show and avoid a direct confrontation with the reality show. Instead, this week it will broadcast the movie ‘Jugada salvaje’.

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Last week, Antena 3 was right to move the children’s version of ‘La voz kids’ to Wednesday prime time, where it improved significantly the results it obtained on Tuesday. The show grew more than four points and reached an average of 15.5%, just over one point behind ‘La que se avecina’. For the moment, the new day of broadcasting it will occupy is unknown.

la que se avecina 24h

MEETING. Yesterday a meeting took place between the executive committee Pimec-Deportes, whose president is August Tarragó, and the general secretary of sports and physical activity of the Generalitat, Anna Caula. August Tarragó was satisfied with the «coherence of Caula’s speech».

This is a long-awaited news for this sector, which welcomed the announcement of the reopening, although he regretted that it comes «too late», since in his view has encouraged and consolidated the botellones.

The announcement made yesterday, however, increases the discomfort in another sector, the sports sector, which does not understand how it is possible that the Catalan Executive has ordered before the return of nightlife than the activity of gyms 24 hours. The Catalan fitness employers’ association, Adecaff, understands that this is an incoherent measure.

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This segment of sports centers have been unable to offer their usual opening hours since March 2020, something that was part of their value proposition. They currently have limited business hours, not being able to open between one and six in the morning.

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