Canciones para dedicar a un hijo varón

Canciones para dedicar a un hijo varón

Don’t grow up anymore

Whether expressing affection or angrily complaining, artists have found inspiration in parent-child relationships. The following songs invite family reflection and give you goose bumps.

Venezuelan Franco De Vita hit the nail on the head when he released No basta in the early 1990s. The song is a complaint to parents who limit their responsibilities to the material, and leave the affective in the background. Among many messages, De Vita concludes that drug addiction can be a consequence of parental neglect, and asks that sex be an open subject in the family.

This song about a son trying to make up for time without his father is showbiz gossip. It’s impossible not to guess when it’s sung by the son of Julio Iglesias, one of the best-selling Hispanic singers of all time. Without being one of Enrique Iglesias’ greatest hits, Quizás does not go unnoticed. The distance between fathers and sons is seen even in the best families.

My daughter, it’s your birthday!

Manuel Carrasco, Laura Pausini, Alejandro Sanz or Álex Ubago put voice to these feelings when they became dads or were about to do it. The result are these songs that today we collect in this post. Which one best represents what you feel for your son or daughter?

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The first songs that come to mind are those that our artists composed when they began to experience that feeling of love for a child even before his or her arrival. It happens a lot with moms, who feel and live with the baby 9 months inside, but also in dads, as Manuel Carrasco sang it in Desde aquí del otro lado.

Álex Ubago included in his album Mentiras sinceras a song dedicated to his son Pablo, also written before he was born, because in his lyrics the Basque artist tries to guess how his arrival will be and who he will look like, feelings that many dads share during pregnancy, right?

«I don’t know if I’ve done right in bringing you to this crazy world», says Conchita in a song that talks about how life is worth living and is a journey that parents give to their children. A touching lyric that makes us focus on what is really important in this walk through life.

My child

Moms voted for their favorite songs dedicated to their children! We were surprised and of course preferences were confirmed, from the classics that make us cry to new proposals that more than one will want to listen to.

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Alejandra Guzmán as the undisputed leader with her song «Yo te esperaba» took the first place, but there are also songs that did not enter among the Top 10 favorites like «Princesas Mágicas» incredible!

We went from Belinda to The Beatles, from soap opera songs to movie soundtracks, but better not tell you anymore and I present the list of the 10 most voted songs on our fanpage, you can check how the votes were here. What is the one you dedicate to your kids?

Songs for children rock

Children inspire. They inspire us with beautiful things, they make us see the world from a different perspective and they fill our days with color. The arrival of a child changes life, and it’s hard to resist shout out to the world the great love we feel for them.

You only have to listen to the lyrics of this song by Laura Pausini to feel completely identified. «A ella le debo mi amor» is included in her album «Similares», and the singer dedicates it to her daughter Paola. Both the melody and the video clip are incredibly beautiful, warm and sweet.

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Rosario Flores dedicated this song to her second son, Pedro Antonio, when she was pregnant with him. The lyrics are very beautiful, and any woman expecting a baby will feel deeply identified with the message the singer conveys.

The Italian singer, Eros Ramazotti, talks in this song about what a separated father feels when he has to say goodbye to his daughter until the following week when he will see her again. A reality that many ex-couples and their children go through, sung with great sensitivity.

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