Elsa garcia de blas pareja

Elsa garcia de blas pareja

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The secretary general of Vox in Congress, Javier Ortega Smith, has starred in a hard disagreement with a journalist during an interview in Los Desayunos de TVE on account of the position of the radical right party on the issue of gender violence.

Asked about his position on gender violence, journalist Elsa García de Blas has insisted on this issue and on that image of last September 19 in which Ortega Smith confronted the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, over a Vox banner questioning gender violence. «That’s all false,» he responds, to which the journalist replies, «Is it all false that he took out a banner denying that gender violence exists in a minute of silence? We have all seen the images.»

«Does Vox have the right to say that also, and of course does not deny that there is such violence, that there is such violence of woman against woman?», has questioned Ortega Smith, who has explained that there are cases of violence of a woman towards a man giving as an example «the woman who has cut off the head of a man, has put it in a pot and boiled it». «Is that not domestic violence?» she asked.

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El país journalist elsa garcía de blas analyzes the challenges.

The spokeswoman in Congress for Vox, Macarena Olona, has had a confrontation tonight with a journalist from El País Elsa García during an interview for La noche en 24 horas de TVE. The journalist has asked her if they would demand to enter the Government in case the PP needs their support in the general elections, referring to the PP as a «right-wing» party and Vox as «extreme right». Olona has dodged the question and responded with another question: «Who are you referring to as extreme right?».

The journalist of El País has answered Olona referring to other parties in Europe similar to Vox that fall within that same classification, but the politician has insisted and has described the answer as «open, imprecise and vague». «I have asked you a question, you do not interview me,» Garcia has said, returning to the initial question.

The Republican, who will seek re-election in 2022, has pushed a series of lawsuits and laws in complete opposition to the Biden administration mainly for the handling of the pandemic, but also for the immigration policy.

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The controversy has arisen after learning that the party has vetoed five media outlets that have journalists in charge of their daily monitoring: El País, SER, El Independiente, El Periódico de Catalunya and OKdiario.

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But it turns out that behind this veto there is something personal: there are four women journalists who cover the information of Podemos with whom the party of Pablo Iglesias has had clashes and to whom he has made cross and stripe.

As it also did some time ago to the director of OKdiario, Eduardo Inda, with whom the purple ones have a fixation (they even brought him up during the debate of the investiture motion last week).

In the first place is Mariela Rubio, the SER correspondent, who in the past revealed the social housing apartment with which Ramón Espinar speculated. An exclusive that Podemos has never forgiven her for.

Also Elsa García de Blas, from El País, in charge of Podemos since the departure of Francesco Manetto -the previous responsible- as correspondent to Colombia and with whom the purple ones do not sympathize from the beginning. In the party’s forums, like Plaza Podemos, they call her «mamporrera» among other things.

The waltz of the butterflies.

Some of the organizers of the protest shared with Global Voices the particularities that characterized this protest and the elements that seem to have contributed to its success. In addition, we asked what made the difference on this occasion and why it is now that people are taking to the streets to fight for these demands:

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Lucía Gómez – Lobato: We journalists have managed to organize for the first time, with what this means in terms of dragging media of all colors. The inevitable repercussions have even managed to bring politicians to their knees, and society as a whole has reacted. Contagion effect and snowball effect, very much so.

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