Frases de accion poetica graciosas

Frases de accion poetica graciosas

phrases of mexican poets

Acción Poética is a project without borders that vindicates the taste for the written word and literature by painting short, original and thought-provoking phrases or verses on the streets and, in many cases, directly inviting people to read them.

The movement was born in Mexico, promoted by the poet Armando Alanís Pulido. The idea was to fill street walls with micro-poems -generally of less than eight words, although there are longer ones- in black letters on a white background.

The initiative, which has spread mainly in Latin America, does not respond to any political ideology and only seeks to attract interest with phrases about love or existence, with optimistic sentences to overcome the tedium of daily routine or with witticisms full of sense of humor.

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If there is something about the verses and phrases that are written on the walls of Mexico and other cities, it is beauty. They are usually very beautiful quotes, with a hidden meaning and expressed in a very original way. Let’s see some of the most beautiful phrases of Poetic Action!

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Poetic Action has as one of its rules not to paint slogans of political or religious character, so their verses focus on love themes, related to life or other issues that may affect the human being. In this case, we have gathered some of his Poetic Action phrases related to life.

In general all Poetic Action phrases are short, since one of their rules is also to capture poems of no more than ten words, so we will never see a Poetic Action wall with a long text. This rule makes them perfect quotes to share or even to memorize and pronounce in person. Let’s see some of the best short Poetic Action quotes!

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Breaking the monotonyOne of the objectives that Acción Poética pursues is to eliminate the usual monotony that is perceived in the streets and makes people find themselves in certain spaces, with phrases and verses to break that rigidity.

«Four of the phrases were proposed by the students, one by me and one by Armando himself, looking at an everyday element that was a flower; he chose it when he got off the bus and said that we have to read the spaces, the contexts and from them generate the phrases».

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Dr. Esparza says that in one of the places they found a field, from which the main verb «to sow» emerged. From them, ideas emerged, there was a consensus and in conclusion, the most liked phrases were the ones selected to be painted.

Thanks to the acceptance of this dynamic on the Puebla campus, Armando Alanís is expected to return to repeat it, since it strengthens themes such as social intelligence and collaborative work.

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Description: on the occasion of the upcoming celebration of World Poetry Day, on March 21, the Departments of Education and Culture of the Town Council of El Sauzal are launching the sixth edition of the Poetic Action movement: it rains poetry in El Sauzal, consisting of capturing poems and positive thoughts on panels and murals which will be exhibited in the Plaza del Príncipe and its surroundings.

Origin of the movement: The Acción Poética movement is an urban mural-literary phenomenon which began in Monterrey, Mexico in 1996. Its founder is the Mexican poet and university professor Armando Alanís Pulido and consists of painting and intervening on city walls with poetic messages and thoughts.

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The most obvious, a simple and homogeneous aesthetic with black letters on a neutral white background, so that nothing detracts attention from the verse. The subject matter is unrestricted although a certain romantic air predominates and the content of the phrases are generally thoughts of love and deep optimistic phrases devised by anonymous people or may quote great writers or song lyrics. As a rule, they do not touch on political or religious topics.

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